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  1. Would you guys in Mayhem Makers even consider accepting a 100% maxed zerker (combat lvl 106) to MM? I've heard of one or two being in the clan in the past, and I was an active MM member before I had gotten defense. I ask this because no main clans accept people under 70 def/110 cmb, and my only other option is FOE, which is like applying to be a p**p collector. I hope you take this into consideration, and I do plan on being active, if there was a possible chance of being accepted. I can tank, and 20 def to 45 def is only like 6 cmb level difference, and I can contribute more during wars, etc.. I can be the only one too, no one else because I'm s**y. :hat: My stats below, thank you for your time babies NO FLAME PLEASE, stats below Support is appreciated, maybe a poll of some sort? :halo:
  2. It Was Nice While It Lasted But....

    in my opinion, making a new pure is a lot easier.. getting 94 mage and doing all the quests over again sucks.. especially when I got 2 def at 92 str -.- had to start over anyways :P
  3. It Was Nice While It Lasted But....

    haters gon' hate (:H:)
  4. Being one defence isn't fun anymore... It's time to go for my favored style of pking, and i'll be working on another pure to return to MM. I'll be on TS sometimes :)
  5. If Anyone Missed It Last Night

    damm lol from rich to rags :doh:
  6. Beating A Glitcher/scammer Staker

    lololooolol gf
  7. Retards Gonna Retard

    share i hit off the world :halo:
  8. Maxing Party At 3Pm Eastern

    congrats man :king:
  9. Ulken0 Pk Video 14 - 6M+ Loot

    bank was madeee :hat:
  10. dang bro, i loved the kills. especially them 2h kills aha. ;)
  11. Once Phailed Pk Vid 3

    nice vid bro :) i likey the music and MM clips as wel :king: