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  1. Need Help

    nvm haven't fixed it will do later given up on trying
  2. Need Help

    Ok I've fixed ear thing, accidently moved a dial, jazz/smooth was already there not too sure why? I know its not.. I'll post in a sec
  3. Need Help

    Really? I'm not using headphones atm may have messed up
  4. Need Help

    https://soundcloud.com/george-wilks/need-work Intro sounds pretty good but stuck on where to go next help me you music nigs
  5. First House/electro Mix

    ok thanks yeah 5:40 is weird
  6. First House/electro Mix

    meant to be
  7. First House/electro Mix

    subscribe also
  8. First House/electro Mix

    Some bits are dodgy please post comments etc (first mix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP5vL6-K1Fs
  9. First House/electro Mix

    o didn't know delete this post some1 pls
  10. First House/electro Mix

    Someone with magical powers delete this (moved to music section)
  11. Runescape Comes In Handy Some Times

    yes boys, also the names of logs, oak willow, yew, ty rs
  12. Im High

    He looks high anyway
  13. Runescape Comes In Handy Some Times

  14. Random post, but I never thought the day would come when runescape actually help me. In chemistry today bearing in mind i'm 16 doing my gcse's this year and the teacher asked what does tin and copper ore combined together in a blast furnace make? No-one answered for a good 30 seconds, then i thought of runescape, put my hand up and said bronze. The answer was right and I looked like a genius, the b*****s loved it. Thanks runescape.