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  1. Bond Effect On 07

    What you can do is bot on rs3 and get money for bonds to play 2007 as members. Y O L O
  2. Rookskep Client

    tested on linux. lawl
  3. Contraception

    c****m + praying her in the face or *** works pretty well i've heard.
  4. 07 Server Voting

    barely 50% to 50K and half the day has passed already AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA
  5. d******t

  6. i'm part of the jagex internet defence force. *sip sip sip* does that count?
  7. Israel Goes To War.

    Mods please moderate properly. Muslims & jews are one of the most easerlie butthurted people on the world.
  8. [Official] Dota2

    actually he rushed S&Y normal boots not even stick then had a 1 ON 1 FIGHT vs furious; furious outleveled him badly and even wasted his ult to attempt to bring the morph down, however furious died because of mispositioning & his team venomancer has to sacrifice himself to kill the morph, the sad part about this story is that the morph had immortality so 2 bite the dust for nothing. LOLLOLOLO #1 KERGY CONFIRMED
  9. 6Th Nvidia Card Burned Down Today.

    The card is as clean as it can get, there is not even a single layer of dust on it. nvidia just sucks ****.
  10. Etho's Challenge #1

    it wasnt it was external page
  11. Etho's Challenge #1

    dont count on it. the reason we want to keep the pages small is because we dont want our site to look like some monkey zoo with s**t and 1000pixl images in sigs. it makes mm look like crap.
  12. Hotmails Compromised

    still using hotmail in 2012 hahahaha