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  1. Mud Battlestaff

    Any1 have Mud Battlestaff i could borrow? I know many wouldnt trust me but just trying my luck
  2. Shield Of Arrav

    Can you send me quick code please?
  3. Shield Of Arrav

    Hey, i need a partner for shield of arrav. If anyone has not done it please can you help me. I will be Phoenix Gang and you would have to be Black arm.
  4. My Little Guy

    Nice bro! Tufan! Its 'Yalih' from Twitch u might remember.
  5. Banking With Peer The Seer

    Yes and its the fastest way.
  6. Banking With Peer The Seer

    As i have started the quest i can bank using Peer the Seer but im worried if i complete the Fremennik Trials would i still be able to bank with Peer the Seer?
  7. Leveling

  8. Free Ahrims

    Gratz :)
  9. Money Making (Melee Based)

    This is this question section.... :D
  10. Money Making (Melee Based)

    Does anyone know a monster which could be used for money making as a rune pure?
  11. First D Bow Pk Twins On Osrs

    I remember both of you before EOC lol.
  12. 99 Strength

    Nice 1 down 2 to go :)
  13. Construction

  14. Construction

    Chairs till 30?
  15. Construction

    I need to get 30 Cons for Anchor reqs but I dont know what to build that is good xp and cheap. I also need to learn what i should build at different levels. Im currently lvl 10.