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  1. Update To My Last Thread

    not bad sir
  2. Genereal Election

    help me out here. i'm a politics noob. -what's so bad about the tories? the only thing i hear about the tories is that they plan to privatize the nhs. which i can understand is kinda bad m8. i'm sure they have some good policies though, right? they can't be all bad if they're winning. -how the f**k did ukip get so many votes? isn't one of their main policies to rid of a lot of immigration and other immigration-related s**t? why the f**k's nigel farage so ugly? -why do people in scotland say that the election isn't democratic? are they just feeling hard done by? looking at this graph, snp didn't come anywhere close to winning. which i'd expect because of the population in scotland compared to england n s**t. also, how much do you have to win to be the majority party? ?/650 seats?
  3. How The f**k

    i just thought clue scrolls were fabulous for 8 years and never done them before. off
  4. How The f**k

    i dont see this s**t on 2007 wiki. when i go on the elite section all it tells you is emote item reqs/quest reqs/stat reqs??? am i f****n blind wtf
  5. How The f**k

    ty do i need a quest to get here?
  6. How The f**k

    do you solve this s**t
  7. ~Wildy Kings~ The Kings Have Arrived ~ [40-65Cb]

    wildy kings;kings of the wild
  8. So I Moved To England

    wtf i'm from glasgow
  9. Started With A Rune Scim And A Dream

    wtf man how
  10. Im Back Hello =]

    ur not liked anywhere lol
  11. Eclipse

    wtf yo i didn't see anything, f*****g grey clouds omg
  12. Was He Justified?

    he looks like a pedo himself
  13. So Brits

    Usually when americans are talking about Britain they rly just mean England. The rest of britain has normal sized teeth and aren't arseholes (kinda)
  14. Polls/changing Content.

    def op in f2p
  15. n*****s

    who's offended? stop making assumptions. just don't see why it's funny to say 'n*****s' over and over lol gr8 banter (y) (y) (y)