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  1. Ello Friends

    mistake sorry..
  2. Apping

    So i've been hanging around the chat and forums for about 2 months now but haven't apped yet because i wasn't sure if my stats are acceptable without dt done. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Ploot Oh
  3. 90 Range Chinning

    Can someone tell me approximately how many chins it would take from 81 - 90 range? I would MUCHO appreciate it :) Thanks! Atlas.
  4. Chinning

    Soooo foe clumps it is than haha thanks fellas
  5. Chinning

    So i already did mm and I'm wondering what's the next best thing to chin? Bandits or what? Thanks, Atlas
  6. Monkey Madness Question

    Thank you lol. I'll definitely be staying away from him than!
  7. Monkey Madness Question

    So i got a quick question about monkey madness. When you finish the quest you can talk to the daero guy to get free xp. If i recall, I am not supposed to talk to him because it'll give me def xp too, correct? Some advise would be very helpful, Thanks! Atlas
  8. Scared2Mauls Intro

    Hello there
  9. Pc Or Fire Giants?

    Thanks a bunches
  10. Pc Or Fire Giants?

    Got a quick question about training range. I'm 71 right now and have been training at fire giants for a while. I've been hearing pc is better, is this true or should i just stay put at fire giants? I'd mucho appreciate some advise! Thanks!
  11. Hi There!

    Thanks fellas
  12. Hi There!

    [b]Runescape Username: Son Atlas [b]Tell us about yourself: Im 20,I do mma and go to school on my spare time.I'm an undercover rs nerd though:p I've been playin rs since 05. Quit when pking was taken out. Just started playing again about a month ago when i heard 07 was back. Glad to be back! [b]How did you hear about these forums? I was watching youtube videos on MM Clan wars and saw a link. [b]Do you plan on joining the Mayhem Makers? Absolutley :)