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  1. Is MM Still a Thing?

    Hey guys, i was in mm on the launch of osrs in like 2013 i just recently came back and started a new account up, is MM still going strong or what? I was honestly surprised to see the site up and people posting on here honestly, it would be amazing if some of you guys still play I'd also love to add any of you ingame. my new RSN is ''Here Bro'' 
  2. Super enjoyed this video, i don't really give a **** about the tabs either. Also I love that song by Pendulum.
  3. R.i.p. Rs2007

    i feel the same, also think armours should have passed :/
  4. Designated Pk World

    isn't going to work
  5. D4Rk

    damn man, that really sucks
  6. Seven Year Anniversary

    just found this out
  7. Seven Year Anniversary

    wish i knew exactly how dafuq he did it
  8. Whips Reached Alch Price In Eoc

    hard to believe they're that worthless now...
  9. So, I'm unbanned. Guess I'll work on some magic levels today.
  10. Just Log 0Ut App

    This... should be insta accepted man
  11. Alrighty Thanks a ton! I'll be unbanned some time tomorrow morning as well.