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      ots spam our site everyday and we're too lazy to clean it up so we're just closing registrations. If you've lost access to your account contact pretty much anybody on ts: mm-rs.org. 


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  1. Anyone got contact with Korrowai

    Well whoever gets him to msg me on ts can earn some £
  2. Anyone got contact with Korrowai

    love u, and we can see if i can give some £
  3. Need to talk to that baller about his account, anyone have a way of contacting him besides forums?   Thx bbys Its kinda important so plz <3 <3
  4. mantas

  5. Huge

    Nvm I went full r3t4rd
  6. I Officially Beat RuneScape

    O shittt grats
  7. If you never use it and dont mind the def I could definately train that up Cold you pm me the details?
  8. you can have a whip if you find me rs3 accs <3
  9. I'm borrowing a few atm and give the guys bonds whenever they need but trying to get hold of more. If you can lend the accounts i'll cover your bonds etc when needed (to a point), if you sell it I can pay you EOC 07 or PP 99 mage/def/hp prefferred, 99 atk/str is an added bonus. - If its close we can still talk, but might take me some time Quests etc don't matter to me, though 30+ summoning is a big bonus I'll pay extra if you have disruption shield    
  10. dmm loot 12m

    Deadman rates high as fk too 
  11. Deadman mode info

    What TS chan we in? And what time does this s**t come out?
  12. Deadman mode info

    Cya there boys, on whatever acc I use rofl First person with barrage gonna be immortal tbh, can we get some slave skiller willing to make runes lmfao?
  13. Call to Arms 29th of October

    Might give it a go, been a while
  14. Turn off your brain and enjoy.

    Anyone want a tex or mex? 
  15. Eoc or 07?

    Come get cleaned to me on EOC <3