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  1. I haven't posted in ages, and ghost every now and then.     I just logged on to say respect#100
  2. Hello mr Joe Khurr i have been expecting u

  3. Rip celtic

    what clan r u guys in
  4. Don't trust 'Couves' or 'Og Haze'

    didnt you used to log/scam people from other clans     or am i mistaken
  5. picking up girl vid

    you let me down everytime blackie       i dont know if i should believe you
  6. who watches streams in here these days? :D

    i used to pk with that aussie streamer 04, he was in the misc-bodybuilding clan, we used to streamsnipe but other than that, i dont undestand how people watch others play a game, maybe if its a hot girl i understand but unless its competitive like a world/region finals game then idk
  7. ive got 30 f****n ping       300000000000 ping, i have never played at anything less than 100, i can actually see the skillshots, it's like im f****n neo, instead of predicting ablities i just see them an react, this literally seems like im cheating   perfect example is nidalee's q, once she threw it, the spear would be half way near me, now i actually see her throwing, crouching down and bending her knees as she throws it, it literally feels like im hacking, i can't imagine how the koreans have it
  8. this negr0 quoted dmx     lolll
  9. lay off my boy Jax         kicking that man while he's down isnt cool
  10. Danny

    why cant we all get along <3333
  11. Danny

    lol i gotta admit that 'hunchback windowlickers' that was funny
  12. Danny

    GOT DAAAAAMN     911 PLS COME NOW, YES MULTIPLE SHOTS PLS COME           and what does Danny sound like, i expect him to sound like Pims but with a tad poshness of Jimmy
  13. P hat Pking / PK Vid 14 - Getto

    r u the staker guy? im not sure if it was ghetto i or i ghetto i     if so you made me real rich fam, appreciate it, i was about to get cleaned     edit-nvm 
  14. for ppl who love kebab

    kebabs arent made of pork you haram piece of s**t
  15. Praise Etcho

    it looks alot cleaner now, and i dont have to explain all the pink to my roommates     i like it