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  1. 1 Defense Pure Quest Guide

    Thanks for reminding me about that, I only had that in there as a guideline for myself, forgot to change it.
  2. 1 Defense Pure Quest Guide

    Lol, that's fine. No skin off my back. It's just a google docs link -.-
  3. 1 Defense Pure Quest Guide

    Yea. Thanks for the input ^.^
  4. 1 Defense Pure Quest Guide

    Well then I'll take that out =P, still useful quests to do nonetheless.
  5. I recently started playing on the Old School servers the past few days and was looking around for a quest list for 1 Def so that I didn't have to look everything up. After finding that there really are no complete Quest lists I went through and made this. Full list here If there is anything missing or that you would like added, let me know. I'll look into it =P