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  1. Vote In The New Content Poll

    i like the second one
  2. How's 07Scape?

    its okay
  3. Tiny Sale

    nvm bought a staff
  4. Which Pk Video Style Do You Guys Prefer?

    the first type
  5. Tiny Sale

    I'll buy the staff if you still have it. I pmed you about 30 minutes for 5 minutes. Didn't respond but was online.
  6. Buying 70K Body Runesw

    yeah botting and buying GP
  7. This Azn Got Moves/skills

    fking cyborg
  8. Whip Pk

    nice tab
  9. All My Pk Pics

    gf adhi daddy
  10. First 99 :)

  11. What Happened To Razzeh?

    Na he got banned
  12. Wut Does Mm Do To Streamers

    damn he got r***d
  13. Apping

    57 wc to return mossies
  14. What Happened To Razzeh?

    He got 2k total like weeks ago. n***a got banned for sure