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  1. Scammed By Ex-Mm

    On the bright side, more goblin raids?
  2. The #1 Retard In The Game

    Was expecting Pims or Benz, disappointed
  3. 85/99 Str.

  4. Gj Russia

  5. Fire Cape With 50 Ranged!

  6. Wtf Is This Sht

    Half the people saying gf bot, fuq u on
  7. A Wild Pims Appears

    Can we get an iq test on pims?
  8. Grey Vs Red Chins

    obv red, silly Q
  9. Hot, i want to spread nutella on your chest and lick it off
  10. Buying All Bronze Arrows

    dat smile
  11. Ffs 8 Defence Again!

  12. Bank Xfer

  13. Got Some Ink Done, Thoughts ?

    Might aswell get Foe tatt'd on your *** cheeks next
  14. Spec Gods Final Gallery

    Well sht.
  15. Rate The Sig Above You