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  1. What Animal Are You?

    Pig Cat Fly 13th Giraffe Fish Dog Cockroach Rat Snake Bird Bear Worm Mouse You can put two words together to make a mutated one. Lol
  2. How Cold Is It?

    Current tempatures? Is it snowing? I'm just below freezing point
  3. How To Remove Your Mustache

    Lol wtf
  4. Ice

  5. 1 More Hour!

    The unplanned and most anticipated wait of 2014 shall arrive with it's answer!
  6. Only Jamaican Here?

    Lol gl
  7. Tux Streaming!

  8. Ya'll Musta Forgot

    Lol cool
  9. 12 Hours

  10. Soz Purefect

  11. Hello :p

  12. Safeeeeeeee

    Baby baby
  13. Good Day

    Lol yo
  14. Rby