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  1. This Is Why Runescape Is Joke

    Rs3 is cancer to my eyes
  2. Fking Imps

    i just fking got myself 2 def when i accidently attacked a goddam imp in fking varrock west bank, fk this frickin game
  3. Ready For Saturday

    good job bro
  4. More Achievements, Heading Towards Saturday^^

    Haha rofl, cant see anymore rs for this day, dt killed me:p ill be bursting i guess :P
  5. Almost got killed by the vampyre (1 hp) but I did it..... DT = DONE
  6. 2h Insertion already on?
  7. Pre-Eoc Vs Osrs

    The game got ruined more and more and eoc was just the final blow. OSRS is the best, but we must see that we will never get the real '05/'06 pking and community back as Jax stated earlier. The memories linger tho ;)
  8. The Most Useless Account In Rs

  9. Buying Dt Kit

    Is anyone selling a dt kit? 100k reasonable? respond at this topic or pm me in game: 2h Insertion
  10. How To Rs3

    rs3 suks monkey!)ick
  11. Persuasive Speech Topic Halp Plz

    Putin, good politician, or dictator behind the scenes?
  12. Humor For The Dutchies

    i laughed so hard at this, even though it ain't the newest vid anymore :rofl: [/url[/media
  13. Hello Mm!

  14. All I Do Is Nmz Nmz Nmz No Matter What

    beestige stats