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  1. Sorry, what's the 57 woodcutting for? What's wrong with the gear aswell any tips? And what kind of description would you like?
  2. Hello, I would like to become a Mayhem Maker! Please tell us something about yourself. i like to party What is your current Display Name? i seeeee you What are your current stats? The picture must show the entire RS screen. What is your combat level ? 76 What quests have you completed (MM,DT,Mith gloves, etc) ? All of the above Where did you find out about MM (eg. MMTube, Pk Videos, In-game)? Friend told me about it, seen the MM stream aswell Do you know any MM Members? If so, list WHO and for HOW LONG: None Where are you from and what is your time zone? If you are uncertain of your time zone you can check it HERE. I live in Canada, Manitoba. GMT -6 Central timezone At what time are trips for you, personally? You can check the trip times here. Friday: 5 PM Central Saturday: 3 PM Central Sunday: 3 PM Central Clan Information IRC is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on Swiftkit IRC or mIRC (To download Swiftkit click HERE ) in the #Mayhem-Makers channel. Also give us your IRC Nickname(s). http://puu.sh/52qjB.png Teamspeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on TeamSpeak 3. ( To download TS3 click HERE ): Do you have any clanning experience? If so, in which clans have you been before also explain why you left them. No What type of gear would you wear to a F2P and P2P clan event? (post a screenie) P2P: something like this or monk robes F2P: I personally haven't done F2P PKing yet, but I'd wear monk robe top, green dhide legs, maple shortbow with addy arrows and a coif and green vambs as I am 1 def, along with a rune 2h possibly Show us a picture of your return gear set up in your bank. Note: You do not need to show us dozen of return sets. Attending events is a requirement to get accepted, post pictures of events that you've attended AFTER YOU'VE APPED. Make sure there's a date on the screenshot so we can determine when it was. (If you need to know the times of the pk trips click HERE ): Forum activity is very important and you are REQUIRED to check the forums at least once a week. If you fail to check the forum within 2 weeks you will be kicked, do you understand this? Yes Mayhem makers is a pking clan after all, please provide us some pictures of pks you've gotten. I haven't taken any screenshots of my PK's I will go for a trip right away and take a few SS's The Mayhem Makers have a set of rules which you will have to abide with. If you don't you will be kicked. Have you read our rules? Yes
  3. Thoughts On This Interview?

    Video's gone?
  4. Beta Things Said On The Forum

  5. The Walking Dead

    pretty good season this season
  6. Alcohol

    grey goose and hennessy
  7. So I Woke Up Today At 3Am...

    you have to challenge him who can jerk it the hardest