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  1. Rectify.gov Introduction

    Runescape Username: Rectify.Gov Tell us about yourself: Avid Gamer Play WoT and RS quite frequently, which are the only online games i play. How did you hear about these forums? I've known about MM for quite a while. Been in several clans such as eop, dv, tr, and foe. Do you plan on joining the Mayhem Makers? Yes, just waiting for applications to oppen. Stats: http://gyazo.com/db56d9d8592a4319c91081f974aaf9b5
  2. Sell Christmas Cracker

    Yeah i think you'd be better off with a phat.
  3. <b>Video Guide To Fire Capes On A Pure</b>

    nice guide, helped out quite a bit.
  4. <b>1 Defence Pure Quest Checklist</b>

    Almost have all my quests done!
  5. How To Rs3

    Took the words straight from my mouth.
  6. D4Rk - Pvp Vid 1 - Bridding

    Nice bridding. Im definitely jelly.