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  1. Main or pure?

    yeah pure pking is pretty active. if u can get good at pking on a main then its more loot overall though. you'd have to do a lot of quests tho
  2. Whats up people

    mm aint reopening, all pure clans are s**t. they bring more mains than pures
  3. ???

    mm and tlp closed  pure clanning is somehow more s**t than in 2k11, just in different ways. 2011 was def cancer but at least people would fight away from return fights and risk s**t. nowadays its mostly 1 def but everything has to be below 30 wild so you can tele out, every1 is ragging more so then then, and no1 fights away from return sports.    u can try sharkbrew website
  4. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    I got 500 post count removed for bsing. I think stinger got 500 posts removed too l0l. 
  5. Keep The Forums Active

    who brings a zamorak godsword to edge rof
  6. Congrats Boys

    we're talked about as if we're legends now when really we were just slightly above everyone else. Well I guess when you look at it that we were 6 def avg vs 19 def avg as 25def max vs 39, we really do seem like we're f*****g titans or some s**t.  Also damn, this year marks the year i've been out of MM longer than I was in MM. 
  7. instead of playing 10 hours of runescape he plays 10 hours of league. 
  8. $157,485.71

    Richer get richer smh
  9. Might as well reformat your computer to make sure it's gone
  10. F2p prod is finally ready

    Whens the pk vid
  11. Albion Online

    lmao gg cpt pancakes, sit down s0nnie aka gf aka no rm. 
  12. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    made in the abyss could be so much better if the mc wasn't a helpless girl
  13. Support -> Your Account -> Account Bans

    say you got hacked andthe hacker was the reason u were banned and ur looking forward to play rs again or something sappy like that

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      Asian Kid

      Rip I bowlcut I :/

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      kids all kinds of razzled

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      Asian Kid

      should we prepare the necessities when he returns? I think we both know what needs to be done