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  1. ???

    mm and tlp closed  pure clanning is somehow more s**t than in 2k11, just in different ways. 2011 was def cancer but at least people would fight away from return fights and risk s**t. nowadays its mostly 1 def but everything has to be below 30 wild so you can tele out, every1 is ragging more so then then, and no1 fights away from return sports.    u can try sharkbrew website
  2. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    I got 500 post count removed for bsing. I think stinger got 500 posts removed too l0l. 
  3. Keep The Forums Active

    who brings a zamorak godsword to edge rof
  4. Congrats Boys

    we're talked about as if we're legends now when really we were just slightly above everyone else. Well I guess when you look at it that we were 6 def avg vs 19 def avg as 25def max vs 39, we really do seem like we're f*****g titans or some s**t.  Also damn, this year marks the year i've been out of MM longer than I was in MM. 
  5. instead of playing 10 hours of runescape he plays 10 hours of league. 
  6. $157,485.71

    Richer get richer smh
  7. Might as well reformat your computer to make sure it's gone
  8. F2p prod is finally ready

    Whens the pk vid
  9. Albion Online

    lmao gg cpt pancakes, sit down s0nnie aka gf aka no rm. 
  10. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    made in the abyss could be so much better if the mc wasn't a helpless girl
  11. Support -> Your Account -> Account Bans

    say you got hacked andthe hacker was the reason u were banned and ur looking forward to play rs again or something sappy like that
  12. I believe in this case he really missed his best friend. Probably brought up so many sad feelings thinking of his birthday. Why live when it doesnt even matter to the world. All the money in the world won't stop thoughts like that from entering your head. 
  13. I miss your shenanigans. never delete your youtube plox

  14. how do you even find that god bless
  15. never forget lmfao

    sometimes i wonder how we ever competed with people like that. 
  16. ur welcome s0ns

    Dom coming in  clutch
  17. Lel

  18. Found Henry on RS

    i match 1-2 qualities on every level from 2-4
  19. dead forums are dead who cares. anieli is a r****d though, "dead forum" yet not only finds this post on the first day but flames people for doing the very thing he is doing. god bless
  20. Alb A New Red Phone For U

    nevar forget
  21. MM f**ks s**t up

    I dont believe this guy was MM
  22. Road To Maxed Pure

  23. Our Statue

    danny sucks
  24.   Hello, I would like to become a Mayhem/Muffin Maker!         General Information         20 years of age, typical, perverted bi-pedal carbon based, human male specimen.   Please tell us something about yourself.   The hell, didn't I just answer some gen info. stuffz. U__U? I guess this could be a little more personal then?:         I'm yellow irl, super, duper avid gamer.       Exposed to RTS/ARTS games at a fairly young age, was competitive in the Dota1/HoN scene.         Played North American ladder on WC3 won a handful of 2v2 and 1v1 tournaments (Yes I played Human).         Played multiple MMORPGs was always a huge PvMer; raided multiple tiers in WoW, and was server first for... a handful of stuff. Only a Glad on WoW for 2 seasons, Rival n' shyt on the rest - (Rift, Aion, SW:TOR, Dragonica, Pristontale) - You name it, I've probably tried/played it.         Guess some things... I do irl?... err, I ran track, was an all state Discuss thrower in High School if that counts for jack, still throw sometimes, still do some light cardio, some calsthetics a bit here. Major in Kinesiology, minor in Piano, etc, boring Asian grades, blah, blah, boring shetyouprobablywon'tregardorread.         Oh, and I'm a huge, huge, and I mean GINORMICTICULARGANTIC fan of anime/manga/2d girls.         Gratz if you actually read this much, you probably have too much time on your hands atm like I do.   What is your current Display Name?   April     What are your current stats? The picture must show the entire RS screen.       What is your combat level in the wilderness (e.g. 74+9)?   97 + 12 - 109 in p2p     Link us to your Adventurer's Log.         >...> What if I was too much of a jew to not bother with membership *sigh*       http://services.rune...earchName=April     In order to be accepted your Adventurer's Log has to be public. If your Adventurer's Log isn't set to public you won't be accepted. Do you understand this?   Sure, why the hell not.... Guess I could post a picture             Do you have any plans on raising your current stats? If so, how would you raise them.   I have almost absolutely zero intentions of actually grinding away on RS; I think my stats are solid enough to make an impact in whatever server we fight on. If I NEED TO, I will grind (summoning, dung, or whatever). If any new updates or whatever come out that requires a grind/effort to do that dramatically helps the clan - I will not hesitate to do it.     Do you have any other interests online (such as coding/graphics/editing)?   Graphics for sure -C4d, sloppy rendering, never dabbled in coding or editing videos though.     Where did you find out about MM (eg. MMTube, Pk Videos, In-game)?   Well you see, I used to kill and be killed by those faggots back in 2005 with pink skirts and pink hats - did some casual stalking, came by the name of Makers of Mayhem.     Do you know any MM Members? If so, list WHO and for HOW LONG:   Digsy is a kilt wearer irl, and works at a meat shop - Known this idiot for like... 3 years or so? Going on 4 sadly *sigh* Zany has broad shoulders tbh (in his dreams) Parm is a plant apparently. Semtex has the same name as me irl. (Ugh gross) Sleepy likes to stand in fire in Diablo 3. q***r- I mean Ph33r S4nta - my god, I've been associated with this bloke for too long. 13th says he looks like Chris Hemsworth irl, and offered to sign my rice paddy hat. Claims he has a deep passion for Lingonberries. Etho carries me on Dota2 with his invoker. He takes ninja lessons from me though. Runekas is a feeder with Ursa, but I still kinda like him. Speshls dodges me at Starcraft. d4rk, i would probably wreck him at poker.... Chinese poker that is.     Oh, and I have zero personal relationship with Mahatma, but once upon a time I blessed his grave. Like a true knight of Narnia, rescuing the lost 17 trained def damsel in distress.           ^That has, so, gotta count for something.     I could probably say a lot more about these individuals. Probably missing some more on the list but owell. Looking forward to meeting more fellow Runescapers ^__^; Where are you from and what is your time zone? If you are uncertain of your time zone you can check it HERE. I am from New York City, yes... New York, New York, Manhattan etc. Eastern Timezone, (GMT -5?) At what time are trips for you, personally? You can check the trip times here. Friday:     11PM GMT       6PM EST     10AM AUSSIE (Sunday)       12PM NZ (Sunday)     Saturday:     9PM GMT       4PM EST     8AM AUSSIE (Sunday)       10AM NZ (Sunday)     Sunday:     9PM GMT       4PM EST     8AM AUSSIE (Monday)       10AM NZ (Monday)     Show us a picture of the pure quests you have completed (e.g. Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Adamant Gloves, etc.). Feel free to look at teh alog if anything is missing - Or just notify me and I'll swap it up asap.               Clan Information     Not much to say, I'm a good +1. I have no intentions on ever taking the burden of a rank. I can tank, pile, spam, and carry my own weight, regardless of circumstances. If I'm granted the privilege of joining the mighty Makers of Mayhem - I can and will 110%, play whatever role that I need to play. ~This is all something more like... A combination of personality (a serious, and competitive will to work hard), and what I've learned to do from my past clans.     ~I have never, ever joined a "big" clan so to speak. I have a ... hunch that things won't be so much the same as they are now. So even if my time is here is short or even if the clan for a finite amount of time. I will make the best of whatever I get. IRC is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on Swiftkit IRC or mIRC (To download Swiftkit click HERE ) in the #Mayhem-Makers channel. Also give us your IRC Nickname(s).     IRC nick would be: Furious Teamspeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on TeamSpeak 3. ( To download TS3 click HERE ): Do you have any clanning experience? If so, in which clans have you been before also explain why you left them.     Yes I do have ... a little bit of clanning experience, here n' there of course. Was in Freelancers 1 year - Proud member. Closed because Devil Kiss X went MIA irl, and Ruins Hero, as cool of a person as he is; was a complete pushover - the clan couldn't hold up and it died. Had fun and learned a lot though. Chaotic 1 year - Proud member, I believe leadership had better stuff to do, and moved on. Clan closed. T__T The Hatred 1 year - Proud member once again, leadership hated RS like all of us actually do. Did quite okay, ended up closing too. :<       We, as a clan, have a lot of different events. These events take place in both safe clan wars and the wilderness. What gear and inventory would you take to the wilderness events? Post pictures. Click HEREfor Suggested Gear Setups.     F2P:   I have explorers ring, I'd probably fight with it initially, then return with the devotion rings afterwards... I'll take another picture with the ex ring equipped if it bothers you in particular.         P2P:               Aaannnd Yaky the Yikity Yak.           What gear and inventory would you take to a safe clan wars event? Post pictures.     F2P:         i'm assuming this is all "one def" rules only. With... dung on >:3           P2P:       Returning is essential to clanning. Show us a picture of your returning sets.   Free to play... Kinda lackluster, but hey, if I need more stuffz i'll buy it np.                         Pay to play... banks in a shet ton of trauma right now because of the upcoming bot nuke/rising in armors etc. So please wait ~1 day for me to set up my p2p tab - I assure you folks that it's probably... more than enough to last me - unless I'm horribad of course.     Our clan trips last for hours and it is REQUIRED that you return, do you promise to return no matter what?   The hell would I buy return sets for then? Pixels are for using mang.     Returning is essential to clanning. Do you know what the fastest way to return to deep wilderness (level 35+) in F2P is?   Depends where... I guess... GDZ/Maze I would probably switch to a p2p world and use the ancient magic tele, there's always using the dung ring and running down from there... But I guess the universal answer would probably the stupid waka canoe. (Should be a freaking bamboo canoe gosh gif some of mah peepo sum credit jeeze)     Attending events is a requirement to get accepted, post pictures of events that you've attended AFTER YOU'VE APPED. Make sure there's a date on the screenshot so we can determine when it was. (If you need to know the times of the pk trips click HERE ):           I'll edit in pics asap. Most of the edits are posted below - I have a pretty good idea when events happen. I pretty much idle on TS. Can just poke me or summat.   This is a pking clan, post pictures of decent kills   Gosh, I hate solo Pk'ing as a "pure" - Sure back in classic it was fun. But now it's full of faggots who pj, tele, and rush for 100k worth of gear. Sec... digging through loads of garbage on my computer.     Forum activity is very important and you are REQUIRED to check the forums at least once a week. If you fail to check the forum within 2 weeks you will be kicked, do you understand this?   I guess this would be a valid question to ask somebody who.... Never mind was going to make a mean joke. Ya, forums are the least of the problem.   The Mayhem Makers have a set of rules which you'll have to abide with. If you don't you will be kicked. Have you read our rules?       I think... I have a somewhat decent enough of a grasp on the English language to say that:I actually read the rules! (See I even underlined that n' stuff)         Please do not hesitate to bombard me with a load of criticism/questions - Still need to obviously update with event pictures and whatnot. If you find the informal tone within the text... arrogant or disrespectful please let me know I can change it up. It's really all in friendly meaning.         Thanks for reading if you actually did :>         Diu lee ma.