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  1. I want to join

    did u accept him
  2. To All Of Us Losers Who Still Play

    flaw3d on once in a blue moon, shoot me a pm if you see me on
  3. https://wavo.me/sunsetmusicfestival/dj-invitational-2015/_ucf_smf_college_mix_contest_13210341726110000
  4. The Lan God

    and if you cant beat them at gold 2 when they are playing as bad as you say they are then you should beat them i just like to play higher quiality games dont really care about rank so i dont play you all focus on all the smallest mechanics when competitve games have never been about that, its about knowing what your opponent is going to do before he does it, thats how you dodge on 14 ping.
  5. The Lan God

    mm vs foe aram teams b05
  6. The Lan God

    you cant control randomness which adds an interesting aspect to all competitve games, are you kidding you guys played runescape? being able to be consistently good with certain strategies and playstyles even though your not going to be on a specific champion. i win like 80%
  7. The Lan God

    and truthfully, there is more strategy in ARAM than SR on how to win games.
  8. The Lan God

    my normals MMR and even ARAM i suspect to be very high, everyone in my games is in diamond 2+ generally, but my ranked after placements was gold 2, and the people in gold are so r******d I feel like I get worse playing with them, so I dont give a s**t about climbing, I get better quality games in the others, and ARAM I feel is more competitive and you learn more about matchups and on 14 ping when the next season is 90% moving into team fighting rather than individual laning skills (which is so much easier to master), its honestly all about mind games and knowing what the other player is going to do, not really korean reaction times. (and maybe the koreans are better because they always play on extremely low ping, instead of whatever 100+ BS I would get on NA, people can keep thinking they are in ELO hell, when truly they are restricted by 150 ping, i've been playing on 14 for half a year now and its night and day a different game)
  9. The Lan God

    ARAM 14 Ping Madness Time Stamps: 7:30 - Game 1 Start (Lucian ARAM) 30:30 - Game 2 Start (Anivia ARAM) 1:04:00 - Game 3 Start (Janna ARAM) 1:38:11 - Game 4 Start (Cho'gath ARAM) 1:56:30 - Game 5 Start (Ahri ARAM) 2:25:26 - Game 6 Start (Yasuo ARAM) to be notified when the next broadcast goes live, be sure to follow me on twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/lanmiddle
  10. Random Thought

    i spent at least 4 hours a day at one point trying to master gragas mechanics and then they nerfed him... like w tf
  11. Mm Trvp Lord

    download traktor or use virtual dj and play around with it you can learn it before making an investment. if u can learn how it works on there first, it will be easier to transition to equipment if you decide you want to invest. just play around with it and see if you like it, dont worry too much about being a dj. update on residency: went there and met owner, told him the kids that were talking to me didn't know what they were doing because it is a NICE venue and the kids trying to promote it didnt know the business end of it well enough, i told him i could put him in the right hands that could sell it out, he linked up with me, and then i set him up with prob one of the bigger promoters in FL (multiple smaller music festivals, ) mmmmm them connects coming in slowly but surely. ooh yeah you should probably note that if you want to play anywhere else other than your bedroom or house parties you will need to learn to network and who to network with, learn not to trust anyone easily there are more f*****g politics in this s**t (specially on the business end) than the f*****g government, and there is no regulation so lookout for them snakes.
  12. Mm Trvp Lord

    f**k u nig i got @ residency gettin paid peasent money to play music once a week on a saturday at some club
  13. Best Thresh Mm

    whoa u got emotion from a human what a shock