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  1. DMM Pure progress

    first decent pk was about 300k+ worth. he had 100 rune arrows on em and was trying to train prayer but not anymore!!
  2. DMM Pure progress

    As you can see I did that a bit, been doing a combination of splashing and killing monsters. It depends on what I'm doing on my other acc and how much attention I want to devote to it.
  3. DMM Pure progress

    Easy afk side project, 76/80 mage. Minds and airs are cheap AF. #DMMPureSquad anyone? Quick guide: 1. buy 400 iron knives get 40 ranged for green vambs, then get full iron/bronze for -65 mage bonus 2. Fire staff + Minds + Air runes afk splash 1200 casts/hr and/or kill npcs at ardy zoo for hp. If afking set alarm for 5 minutes, then snooze 5 minutes and click once to keep logged in. 3. ???? 4. Profit  
  4. Lucky for me I have drygores. But with 14 prayer il probably keep to duel arena.