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  1. Kate Upton's Nudes Xxx

    Your game session.
  2. Bye Guys

    Goodbye walleyeguy7 did not read your post but I will miss you greatly kudos for keeping the same avatar for the better part of a decade.
  3. Spam Bots Dying At Ge

    IS W32 CLEAR?
  4. The dude may be a pedophile, but you've got an unhealthy obsession with a chick you're never gonna score. So it's like listening to a hooker talk about abortion.
  5. Demi Lovato Gets Owned (X-Factor)

    F*ck you're a weird c*nt, also lol @ simon the only one on that panel with any sort of clue is also the only one who finds it funny.
  6. What's The Most Cash You've Ever Held?

    Relax and go back to watching anime and using outdated prolific ideas enforced by majorital opinion.
  7. What's The Most Cash You've Ever Held?

    Yeah I saw my mistake after I posted,
  8. Estonia Doing Work

    Eww get it out
  9. What's The Most Cash You've Ever Held?

    Starving children in Africa, Fat Norwegian Staker uploading cooking videos on Youtube with a 100k+ cash stack. No Logic, No Sarcasm.
  10. The Batman Trilogy Has Nothing On This

    lol idk I'm sceptical as f*ck when it comes to that sh*t, granted my Imagination growing up was quite vivid I read through a couple of the RedWall books growing up idk
  11. So We Decided To Do Some God Wars

    Dodgy c**t, have you no soul, mate?
  12. Not your fault at all. F*ck RUNESCEP POS GEM