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  1. How To Get 55-99 Mage For Free/make 5-10M+ 07

    can also do air orbs earns you around 300-400k per hour
  2. How Do You Get Invited?

    thanks for the help mate :)
  3. <b>Video Guide To Fire Capes On A Pure</b>

    nooo where are all the pictures :/
  4. How Do You Get Invited?

    Just wondering under applications it says you must be invited what does this mean and who do I have to be invited by?
  5. J 3 T Tz (Lawrance) Intro :)

    cheers for the welcomes everyone :)
  6. J 3 T Tz (Lawrance) Intro :)

    What is your name/alias: Lawrance rsn j 3 t tz Tell us about yourself: umm I started playing rs in like 2005, I think I can't quite remember :P. I enjoy cricket and rugby alot. I used to enjoy making the old style signatures I'm not sure if that sort of stuff still flies but I like making them so if you want one flip me a message nd here's a pic of my statsHow did you hear about these forums? someone on rs told me to come have a look can't remember who it was.