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  1. I Should Really Quit This Game..

    It's not that fun for me anymore, I'm mainly playing because it's summer and I'm bored. I have a halo, I have a 1 pray fire cape, I have 500 BH kills in under 2 months, and more gold than I know what to do with, but I'm losing the desire to play again.
  2. I Should Really Quit This Game..

    (tl;dr not worth it)
  3. I Should Really Quit This Game..

    I used the slayer lvls to get 85-87 ranged, so it wasn't that much of a waste of time. Probably wouldn't do it again though lol.
  4. I Should Really Quit This Game..

    40k an hour just cannoning, 110k with blowpipe 63
  5. I Should Really Quit This Game..

    i always forget that it exists lol
  6. I Should Really Quit This Game..

    it's hard.
  7. Because Henry Is Mean

    That sounds extremely painful.
  8. Because Henry Is Mean

    Haha, finally took the time to get 55 among other things.
  9. Because Henry Is Mean

    Don't yell at me :(
  10. Toxic Slay Road To 99 Wc!

    combo breakr
  11. Lil Guy Update

    It's more for staking.