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  1. Forums have risen once more

    Thank you Etho! Can we disable guest posting some time? Spam bots are posting as guests now.
  2. Mature p***y

  3. Going to Amsterdam

    So did you go? If so, how was it?
  4. Pink Clan info

    God I love F2P PKing, wish I had time to play this game.
  5. Hi, im cumin

    didnt they used to ban every account with the name d4rk in it
  6. search and rescue

    Interesting to see some of you guys still posting here. I wish these forums were less dead. :(
  7. Every Time The Forums Go Offline

    Right? I always get scared of that. I guess the good thing with the forums not being as popular as they once were is that we can likely get away with much cheaper hosting than before. I don't know why Etho doesn't just use something like https://uptimerobot.com, you can have downtime notifications sent to you via email/text message/etc and pretty much the only time this site should go down is that once a month.
  8. Yeah. He always battled with depression and anyone who hasn't had depression doesn't know what it's like, and I believe that combined with the fact that he really missed Chris was enough for him to do that. I was surprised because I didn't know he was that close friends with Chris but it seems like he really was. :(
  9. I'm not sure if he sought any help, a lot of people with mental health problems often don't. I do know he was abused as a child and had drug addiction issues earlier in life.
  10. I mean that's a very simplified way of looking at mental health issues and that's coming from someone who has experience with family members having mental health issues. :/
  11. Suffering and sadness are relative. Nobody talks about those others because they never knew anything about them to feel a connection with them. Many fans knew about Chester and even met him, so he was like a friend to them even if only through his music. Mental illness and suicide are often linked and rarely if ever is it the "easy way out", it is more often than not just the end of a long and painful process. Mental heath problems are a real f****r and can affect anyone. :/
  12. Chester had a drug habit yes (hence the song Breaking The Habit) plus he was abused as a child. Plus, depression can happen to absolutely anyone. Doesn't happen who you are, we are all human and anyone can have any number of illnesses and diseases. It sucks because we will never know what he was thinking and why he actually did this, that's one of the hardest parts about this. Mental illness can affect anyone and a lot of the time the people who need the help the most refuse to seek help and don't get any help. I agree it's so hard to imagine how these celebrities can kill themselves when they have literally thousands or millions of adoring fans that absolutely love them and respect them so deeply, and I am sure that these celebrities know that. We'll never know what any of them were thinking or why they did it it, and it really sucks. :(
  13. Today Chester Bennington of Linkin Park died, he hung himself. Today also happened to be Chris Cornell's (Chester's friend) birthday, that may have had something to do with it. The RuneScape community owes a great deal to Chester, he was truly a legend. I am heartbroken by this news. Rest in Peace.
  14. Hello virgs