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  1. 13th is becoming an actor and has been featured in a few Swedish/European film. From what he tells me it seems to be getting serious. Hopefully, 2018 will be great year for him and maybe he can represent us on the big screen one day.   Also no these films are not p**n or some s**t ya faggots, but I'm sure he'd be a star in that too. My boy is wicked talented.
  2. Animal/ Pet Thread

    ur cat isa b***h and needs to claim the territory for himself... get rid of that beta *** cat
  3. Pink clan slaying tr

    if i was leader of the pink terds i'd kick ur *** out for dying to these mouth breathing potato loving inbreds
  4. Oomf

    oomf was cool af f**k off u little shits or ill pound ur head in

    Dude this actually triggers me so hard. If barnie sanders got elected presented then this s**t wood not be tolerated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Todd

    You actually posted a topic about beating toad? If anything you lost because he made you eat food. No joke I beat toad in ghjff gear by turning auto retal on and turned my monitor off.
  7. Found 6-pack ryan in twitch chat lmao

    I actually like that n***a
  8. ready to reopen

    u have a tight boipussy    
  9. Sic / Feel My Pure

    Hmm.. I feel like I remember a Ster posting on here. I believe you made some fitness website once upon a time and posted it here for critique or something.
  10. The Second Coming

    Gackut0 is a good guy
  11. Happy birthday me

    hope u had a good one bud
  12. I have a confession

    meklo is a great name for a goat
  13. Notable MM ranks and members?

    Here's all the ranks I remember but I'm sure I'm missing people. Some were kicked for shady s**t and shouldn't be remembered imo. Not going to bother listing notable members because it'd be probably 100 names lol. Mahatma Dabestpk Volcanic Fox 0K7 Hewhoowns X Em0rtal X H3llz Beav3r Bx F00l Etho Svend Runekas SAM Faken Samotboy Rewaz Th33 hero Lilnoobhunta I Damaged I Cyal8erloser V Danger V Ovu Heavencaller Peace Partvll Lv 100 Range Kanadien Rs Gangstar Brav3s (off my turf) 13th R4nger Speshls Own Not A Ranqer Korrawi Meklomaniac Elmo Ckyl3 Sir Pker Wil Toxic Slay Blazey Parm Z Spartan Jr MeMe BlingJatt Owndyouhard Phant0m pker Ed / Insertname Phat X Apok Fail Mate Nory is Love O G P00n J00 I Vip3r I