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  1. Yeahyeah I Know I Must B Out The Loop

    Haha! That s**t is crazy to think about. We had our little clans back in the day wit forums n all haha. Miss u fool
  2. Yeahyeah I Know I Must B Out The Loop

    Thugs don't die we multiply
  3. Yeahyeah I Know I Must B Out The Loop

  4. So MM closed? Jeezus this game has gone down that much? I come back here n browse around like twice a year. It seems so dead now. The RS website sucks I dnt get how anyone can play RS3. Remember all the good times this community had? All the drama all the history all the huge egos? s**t this game was a lot of our childhoods. I remember starting in like 7th grade. I'll b graduating college this semester. Mannn how thing's have changed. Yall prob dnt remember me but I remember the day we switched message boards n s**t. It's cool to reminisce n the nostalgia is truly a b***h. But there is 1 thing I know I will never forget. Jagex has never done anything to make it's players happy, even back in 06, the times most people would consider the golden age of RS, it was still filled with b******t Jagex had put onto its players and community. It's truly interesting how it all unfolded. The game seemed to have lost so much value it's hard to even understand. This was a game we all loved n probly spent to much time on lol. But it was fun, it was cool, we learned n made good friends. It's gotta b difficult to keep this community alive as the game is failing. But best of luck to you all in 2014 and beyond. Leave this s**t behind as quick as you can people. That is the best advice I can give. Ahhh man haha, the memories wit the fckin pink hats.
  5. Can you? Bc I already got an EoC acc with my email n it won't let me make another acc without a new email which is just a pain in the *** SO CAN U, thanks edit; i know u gotta b a member either way
  6. Checkin Out Rs - I Come Here First

    Thanks man. Appreciate the insight. How's the economy? Is it stable? Can you pretty much get anything you need at this point since ppl have been playing?
  7. Checkin Out Rs - I Come Here First

    Haha my dudeeeee
  8. Checkin Out Rs - I Come Here First

    I've always enjoyed the like 50-65 range pking. How is this in 07? Do people still go to varrock? Is west drag pking back? Oh wait how about EAST DRAGS, you know, like where mains would PK in teams? Anyone remember that 1 drag team with that infamous hillybill women named MEL?? Haha like 40 year old women who would b***h everyone out on TS?
  9. Checkin Out Rs - I Come Here First

    Okay. Looks like I'll kill my time elsewhere then haha
  10. Been a long time since I played this game. Is 07 any good? Can anyone sum it up for me, like what's been going on? Just not sure if it's worth starting from scratch in 07, I got a maxed EoC account but that game seems whack. Is EoC totally lame? Do any of you play it?
  11. Ffs Who Am I Thinking Of

    move on with your life
  12. Worst Sports Injury I've Ever Seen

    Rg3 Rondo Rose now Ware, all wore Adidas sneakers the time of sick injuries. Moral: Wear Nike when sporting
  13. Chilled With Lil Wayne This Weekend

    I'm turning in my grave.
  14. New Mm Forum Members

    dude you're a new *** making this topic
  15. Hey People!

    I dunno where I posted saying call of duty was an adults games, your argument fails immediately