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  1. Newfags leave this legend alone. > Person makes a topic to increase forum activity > Instantly flamed
  2. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    Anyways Manson when are you going to update us on your quest?
  3. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    Mate learn to read, that wasn't me who got a vegan gf, that was Manson. My gf is the exact opposite of a vegan.
  4. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    But what makes you say humans are omnivores? Are your teeth all sharp and pointy like other omnivores such as a lion's? No they're not, and because of that you can't even eat your meat raw. You gotta cook it over a roaring fire first. No other omnivores do this and if we were truly omnivores, then why do we have to?
  5. The greatest pker to ever live

    nice moparscape
  6. Do you browse reddit.com/r/math? If not, you should check it out. :)  Edit: Nevermind, I see on your blog that you do. :P
  7. Let Us All Stand For A Minute Silence

    8 years and I can't believe this is the first time I'm posting in this thread....anyways, RIP. This year is probably the last few we'll get to bump this thread since I doubt these forums will be around for much longer.
  8. Is runescape still bottable?

    Last time I played was around 2010 when pretty much half the population used to bot. Is that still the case? I want to come back to pk here and there but I simply don't have the time to train an account from scratch. 
  9. Where can I find some good non-p**n?

    You really ought to update us.
  10. bots atm?

    Is the botting community still as active as it was around 5 years ago? Or has Jagex done something about it? 
  11. People saying to bomb them don't really understand the situation and how the ISIS works. You have to realize that when you bomb them, it makes them only stronger. The reason ISIS is able to recruit so many people is because they brainwash uneducated people into believing Westerners hate Muslims and are out to kill every single one of them. We need to do the exact opposite, we need to stop giving ISIS reasons to recruit more people. We need to make people in the middle east believe that ISIS are the bad guys, not the US. The US has been using airstrikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan for the last 8 years, please let me know what that has accomplished anything other than thousands of civilians killed and $70b lost. There has to be a political solution to this problem, not a militarily one. Or a political solution coupled with a militarily solution. Military alone has never solved anything. Also America wouldn't have gotten themselves into this shithole of a mess if they hadn't invaded Iraq in the first place. Now they are paying the cost for their own stupidity.
  12. Mm Forums Activity 2015

    I wonder how much longer till these forums permanently go down. Also makes me wonder why someone (is it still etho?) is still paying money to keep them up.
  13. It's Happening!

    Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for keeping us updated. I am sure you will do an excellent job at teaching math, best of luck in your future endeavors.
  14. Israel

    One thing I fail to understand is why all the world's leaders are so pro-Israel. I mean, how can you support a country that openly murders innocent children and women? Edit: Obama seems to be the only one who doesn't have his nose stuck up Netanyahu's ass, gotta give him credit for that.