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  1. Speshls should be ERASED from the MM history books

    speshls was the best thing to happen to MM!!!
  2. Furious is still level 114

    what a froob
  3. Is MM Still a Thing?

    f**k YOU FURIOUS!!!!!
  4. Back to osrs again, played since 2004

    somebody should tell the poor fella
  5. Err

    eat her b***y
  6. Being alone

    ohhh s**t asian fight
  7. Being alone

  8. happy Christmas Eve

    Hello, Fish. Im Llama. nice to meet you.
  9. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    inyuyashiki ending :(( first time i ever shed a tear for an anime ending.
  10. hows everyone this is ava golbin

    once a jawn always a jawn
  11. hows everyone this is ava golbin

    AYEEEEE WHATS UP how you been baby!!
  12. hows everyone this is ava golbin

    did everyone remember to clean their booties?