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  1. MM UK irl meetup 2019

    I'm single...
  2. MM UK irl meetup 2019

    Was lovely
  3. The End

    This isn't a reason for it to be the end, you've got so much more to give. Losing people is hard and to be honest it gets harder the older you get but ironically death is the most certain thing in life so it's something we all have to face. Make sure you stay safe and keep on the right track to make her proud.
  4. DMM General

    Might start playing again if this is serious 
  5. Just came back to lurk but nothing to lurk at.
  6. My dad passed away

    Sucks man, I've had a fair bit of death around me this past year and it just gets harder.
  7. Sup f**kers

    Thought about you the other day... then I woke up and my d**k was hard and covered in wet stuff
  8. Sup f**kers

    Someone deleted my forum account, not sure why though lol. Anyway Bob Green says hi and so does my black gf.   What's new? All 10 of you that post on here...