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  1. Post your Pink Gains

    what’s a snow day
  2. Post your Pink Gains

    84->85 Range, 84->88 Strength, 80->82 HP, and Mithril Gloves over break. Now grinding out 57 WCing.   y do I still play this game  
  3. Strategies and Survivability

    I vote riggz #1 member of pink clan because no xp waste
  4. Tuesday Dec 12 2017 Recap

    water blast, nuff said only part of the trip I enjoyed was 4bus getting 2 prayer, you better utilize thick skin pray flick
  5. When will 4bus get 60cb?

      you better pay up this time
  6. Pink Clan info

    nice propaganda
  7. When will 4bus get 60cb?

    january 5th, 2018 - mid pk trip switch to longrange FTC to kill Jakely over gap #bendtheknee
  8. First

    does this mean we're a real clan now
  9. Pink Clan

    2 defence claiming pure, karmas a b***h.
  10. pizza is the reason i remade forum acc

    #1 dot chaser & #1 poor kid sad nh
  11. Pink clan slaying tr

    God I look cute in that vid