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  1. I actually remembered my password

    make an osrs acc
  2. Pink Clan

    That looks so photoshopped. I mean ur in all f2p gear and you claiming you got AGS loot?lmfao,come on now..
  3. Hi. Good sht, looking forward to see you in game!
  4. F2p prod is finally ready

    train your hp up or I will 3   hit   u.
  5. $157,485.71

    for real?!

    recruit, recruit, recruit! Go hard or go home!
  7. Pink clan slaying tr

    Dopee. Think you can do that through settings @Riggz, if not you probably have to use one of the 3rd party clients ^
  8. where the hood at

  9. needed a quick laugh

    is that rs3 or some s**t
  10. Hello!

    Welcome! Whats your ign @Sonicmess?
  11. Pink clan slaying tr


    Never seen anyone complaning about having to hybrid/tribrid before, thats completely normal lol. You actually need some skills to do that compared to just ranging or scim rushing someone...Overheads can be annoying, but if ur good at the game and got some stats,you outbrid them cunts and you drop them easily. You don't bring just melee or range, but both obv. I'd rather say that the socalled 'raggers' is ruining the edge pk specially. Annoying as fk. Threatening ppl with 'perming them from wildy' lmfao. They can't do much in multi tho :)