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  1. EOP Closes its doors

    rip eop/mm
  2. Hi

  3. Best Mm Memory?

    being worst member and the bus
  4. First

  5. Tuesday Dec 12 2017 Recap

    So we went out today with 10 icy worshipers of Mahatma ready to pursue his vision of the wildy. However, as planned the fun never went according to plan. We started out firing the worst spell in runescape on our opponents whilst flashing our santa outfits. I dont think we killed a single person, and got rushed in the process. As our journey went on, we decided upon getting proper gear which allowed me to switch back flaunting my casual pink outfit. A casual stroll the level 20 wild (since nobody goes above that these days) left the wildy deserted in little under 20 minutes, if that. With all the blood already on our hands we took some (insert irrelevant snipe teams) up to the wild and fought down by 3 on horshoe hill (more like down by 20) MM was made to defeat the 2v1 WE NEED ANOTHER BUS **laeve pcis dwno belwo fi uyo haev htme""
  6. When will 4bus get 60cb?

    Nah fr tho u win jesus wraith so the prize is urs
  7. When will 4bus get 60cb?

    Closest guess will get a prize!
  8. When will 4bus get 60cb?

    Closest guess will get a prize!
  9. Best Mm Memory?

    winning worst member biggest spastic and worst account
  10. washings my balls mmmm baby
  11. search and rescue

    can someone recover my signature for worst member from 2012???   thnx !!
  12. Pink clan slaying tr

  13. sup nerds lmfaooooo gf cya kid