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  1. Hello anybody home??

    hi welcome back man, me too. returned since a bit. add me ig: e a7
  2. It has been 5 years lol

    Hi there everybody, Idk if you guys are still very active, but I came back to rs in the hope that eoc would have been removed, but unfortunately.. Spoke with Arch and he told me about the activity of #MM on osrs in F2P, and I would like to re-life the old #MM memories. I was known in the clan as Escobar  (Old IGN= l Escobar l, New IGN rs3= E  A7).  Who remembers me hehe? I'm playing osrs atm on a friend's acc (feel free to pm me in game: Thugllfe  (double L, no i ).  So what have you guys been up to?    Hope to hear from y'all