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  1. Thanks! It's always useful to have some guide nearby. I would like to add one of my favourite Range training methods - using Ammonite Crabs. You can basically do it AFK too.   AFK with Ammonite Crabs As I said, this one is very simple, but depending on your level, you’ll pick in approximately 30-60K+ Range XP, and can achieve 60-99 Range in as little as 15 days with minimal effort. Requirements: Bone Voyage Gear to Wear: MSB + best arrows / Mithril throwing knives Best in slot (BIS) body, legs, helmet, gloves, boots, necklace, ring Inventory: 3-5 Range potions 23-25 Food   Steps: Head on to the Fossil Island. Look for Ammonite Crabs near the coasts of the island. To find the best spot – walk to the coastlines most northwestern point. You’ll discover 3+ crabs waiting. Just leave auto retaliate on and you're good to go. [Initial source: https://food4rs.com/] Note: Ammonite Crabs drop unidentified fossils, so besides getting Range XP, you'll also get Prayer XP after cleaning them.
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