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  1. Lord we are in our darkest hour. Your guidance is needed now more than ever.


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Alb


      STOP f*****g SNIPING ME YOU f***s

    3. iowna slave

      iowna slave

      dw m8it was just for that 1 killpic

    4. Danny


      this is what happens when you join shitty clans @Alb

  3. are you alive Lord?

  4. What's up Mahatma. Thought you might like this avatar attached, it's the Mahatma Rice guy wearing a pink hat. I made it on paint. Thought of you. Peace hope you're doing well.

    mahatma 2.jpg

    1. Brandon


      he will return one day just wait

  5. Come back to OSRS man and re-open MM!

    1. Dom



    2. Jamez


      we did 2 years ago, you're a bit late to the party

  6. are you ok my lord

  7. you are needed

  8. Want to come pking if you have some free time?

    1. 9th Israeli

      9th Israeli

      Offer still stands. Get in touch x

  9. nice to see you playing runescape y mahatma y

  10. Are you still alive my Lord?

  11. Homage to Lord Mahatma, never forget.

  12. anothe fullout coming up, we need youuu

  13. mahatma pls come back we need u