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  1. Last seen Jan 17th... where has the Sheepster gone?

    Well only a week I guess, I am not so active on weekdays myself.

    Come back soon!

  2. Pink Pimpin ftw. Yes that is my irl pic :)

    1. 3njoi


      god you are so ******* hot

    2. Buck Ofama

      Buck Ofama

      god you are so ******* hot

    3. Butter on Me

      Butter on Me

      3rd comment

  3. Yep pink panther is my new avy, its pretty sweet.

  4. Sheepiz? First post!

    PM me on old forums and say this really is you, and I will give you rank/mod on here.

  5. Is there more than one page for comments?

  6. What does this "Add as friend" button do?

  7. He can't he is a New MM.

    Also has a new email so I will wait till we give access to New MMs.