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  1. ? www.mm-rs.com Mayhem Makers Bounty Hunter Marathon Dec 11-12 2007 Today the Mayhem Makers headed to Bounty Hunter and had an incredible time. There was lots of action, lots of fun, and lots of loot. The trip started as a mostly European pk trip, but as more and more people come online the trip kept going and going. It still hasn't ended but I am posting this after the first twelve hours. We encountered many teams during the day, and came out victorious including two run-in wins against FOE. MM vs FOE - First Run In Mayhem Makers heard FOE were pking at Bounty Hunter and we had already cleaned out the world we were on. Since we were changing worlds anyways we decided to check on FOE. We walked around for a bit and FOE knew we were there, they charged at us from the north. I personally was getting speced by like three FOE and only survived thats to hugging Sara Brews. MM Starting Options - 39 MM Ending - 24 FOE Starting Options - 30? FOE Ending - 0 MM vs FOE - Second Run In This one was like two or three hours after the first one. FOE was pking again and we heard they were asking for a run in. We switched to their world and began looking for them. They charged from the south near the north wall and the battle began. This one was really close and despite being outnumbered MM pulled out the victory with about 15 options left. MM Starting Options - 39 MM Ending - 15 FOE Starting - 45? FOE Ending - 0 MM vs FOE - Third Run In After defeating FOE for the second time, we went back to searching for main teams to kill. Pure run ins is not the greatest profit because you don't really pick up piles it is just too much chaos. So we decided we had enough pure run ins for the night, and went to search another world for mains. After a while of pking main teams, it turned out FOE wanted a third run in. Third times the charm I guess. They switched to our world and attacked from the south. This time their numbers proved to be too much for us, and they took us down. MM Starting - 30 FOE Starting - 50ish? MM Ending - 0 FOE Ending - 30ish NOTE: I get opts by watching the vid and counting the number of people I see. It is pretty accurate and that is the bare minimum of opts, could be more.
  2. She's Too Good..

    Good singer, she looks a little weird to me though....can't pinpoint it..... must be them pointy elbows.
  3. Nba Finals

    Don't hate..... but I am cheering for the Heat!
  4. D4Rk Vs Guy

    mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm aaah aaah aaah mmmm mmmm
  5. Game Of Thrones Season 3 Finale Recap

    It was a good episode. The final scene was kinda weak, but it worked for me. -The Ramsay Bolton scene with the sausage was pretty funny. -I am glad they did the wolfs head on Robbs body, wasn't sure if they would include that from the book -Also glad they showed Ygritte s******g Jon with the arrows. I thought they were going to cut that out after watching last episode. -Let down was Stannis just following Mellisandres decision to go to the wall. In the book it was more his decision. -A lot of people are saying they didn't like the Yara/Asha Greyjoy scene where she plans to go save Theon, but I thought it was a good change from the book Gonna go watch it again. I was watching it with buddies, and can't really focus 100% unless I watch it solo.
  6. Game Of Thrones S3E9 [Spoilers]

    A good mash-up with Princess Bride (if you haven't seen that movie, it's a classic)
  7. Game Of Thrones S3E9 [Spoilers]

    The s**t hath hitteth the faneth. I have read all the books so this wasn't really a surprise for me. Someone already a link to this, but here is the video of fan reactions:
  8. First Try

    Didn't fail once.
  9. Attention Mm Forum Tv Watchers I Need Your Help!

    Has anyone watched Doctor Who (the 2005+ seasons)? It seems to have a big following. I was thinking of getting into this one.
  10. Canadian Women

    This one is way worse:
  11. Attention Mm Forum Tv Watchers I Need Your Help!

    --Dramas-- Lost Sons of Anarchy --Comedies-- Arrested Development Entourage It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Summer Heights High <--- Can watch it all in a day
  12. Every time I meet the requirements they get raised again.
  13. Anonymous Assassins - October 2008

    Look at that pro drag/tank at the start of the second fight, 2:34. Dam fine work.
  14. 1337

    Lilguy has a lower range lvl than me
  15. Fastest Range Xp?

    Ranged guild targets is pretty fast, although boring and may cause carpal tunnel. lvl 50-70 = 30k xp per hour lvl 70-75 = 35k xp per hour
  16. As soon as I get 70 range the reqs get raised. Guess I gotta continue training to keep up with the lilguys.
  17. Canadians Pls Enlighten Me

    * Is it hard to find a decent paying job in Toronto? Not sure since I'm not in Toronto, but I would guess that its not easy. Most of Ontario is in bad shape. You could probably find minimum wage which is somewhere around $10.50 per hour I think. *Is rent high in Toronto? Yep. But you mentioned you are going with 5 others so the split probably works out decently. *Whats the bus service like? only gonna be there about a year so not gonna buy a car Ya its pretty good *I heard the womens are easy is it true? Meh depends *Mahatma can I live with you? No room at the inn *Whats the best value for money gym in Canada? The biggest is probably Goodlife Fitness. Some small local gyms are probably cheaper though.
  18. The Guild. Best Youtube Show Evar

    I watch it, its pretty good. I think I like Video Game High School better, although it is really "kiddy".
  19. Ufc Link

    http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/153745/2/watch-ufc-154:-st-pierre-vs-condit.html Several links on there. I am using Link 2, seems to be good quality.
  20. Ufc Link

    Ya it was a great fight, and quite exciting.
  21. Etho/runekas Not #1?

  22. Just Finished Ender's Game

    It was a great book. I remember thinking "f**k there is only like two chapters left, there has gotta be a sequel to finish this story" but then all of a sudden its over. Was a good ending too. If you want to try something a little different I suggest "Ilium" by Dan Simmons.