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  1. The Time Has Come

    congrats! long way
  2. Utah And Grand Canyon Road Trip Pics.

    amazing. what camera you have?
  3. F2P Max Hits

    range with addy arrows and no eagle eye: 80-13 85-14 91-15 96-16 +2 with eagle eye rune scim with str amy, str pot and that prayer u can see with 31 level: 82-22 87-23 93-24 96-25 if i still remember this correctly
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoOCmvwHjTo
  5. nice girl. im glad for you, wish i was brave enough to do so
  6. Gimme A Movie To Watch

    Mr. nobody great comedy
  7. Battle For Lumbridge

    i like that girl in your sig. not gonna bother playing again since i got banned lol
  8. Free Account

    i dont have any other account. i want to play 07rs.will make maxed 60att pure
  9. Tlp Closed

    sad:/ always had respect for them, they had so many great pkers, all of the founders were great tbh
  10. Pathetic

    07 scape in my opinion is purely for pking, so why everyone is bitching about these updates?they just make it easier
  11. So I Bought A Sword

    nice sword
  12. Cooking

    fork is good thing to have in the kitchen
  13. Obligatory Eoc Topic

    nice to see you still scaping. grats : )