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  1. Noobs really do exist again...

    add me bruce_smith incase i play this game more than once every 3 months 
  2. Noobs really do exist again...

    yo i got one that's goat like 40 attack 70 str 70 range 1 def 1 pray etc like 51 cmb it so easy lol pm me or text me if you wanna use 
  3. Noobs really do exist again...

    sup weirdo
  4. Pic dump

    my old channel has a buncha random vids still up. I go through it every once in a while and get real nostalgic lol https://www.youtube.com/user/JiveBuns
  5. Noobs really do exist again...

    we are around same lvl on my f2p pker might see you out there soon son
  6. rememberr when people used to train RS and not just bot lmao losers 
  7. Whats up people

    Furious is gona be a weirdo until he is dead      hello everyone  plz re-open i can come to p2p trips now 
  8. EOP Closes its doors

    eop was full of retards back in 2008 when they first opened and I am sure they were full of retards to the day they closed 
  9. Hi

    hello buddy
  10. ya'll musta 4g0t

  11. Strategies and Survivability

    sup pal you in this pink plan stuff?
  12. Well Arent You Glad You Didnt Invest In Bitcoins

    this aged well 
  13. When will 4bus get 60cb?

    have you ever been above 60 cb on any account? 
  14. First

    sup yall someone txt me when u guys pk i will come if I am free