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  1. Guess who

    Hey man, doing quite well. Started RS 3 weeks ago. Never thought i'd do that, but who am I kidding deep down I knew i would lol.
  2. 69

    ty big man told them all nfw  
  3. 69

  4. Hey its me ur brother

  5. 69

    e x t is already on your friend list 180 QP and Torso in two weeks. Next up is Void, Firecape and then Slayer.
  6. kk

    gj men
  7. Gather the flags bois

  8. Gather the flags bois

  9. 69

    ty. finally done with every req i need up until legends > rfd > lunars Just need 69 slayer and 60 Hunter for MM2. Firecape and Void incoming after Barrows Gloves ( @ 152 qp rn) 
  10. 69

  11. ~ The Complete One ~

  12. Your governments failed you. You need to be educated, but at the same time not let prejudiced and hate fuel your narratives.  If you're from Sweden or the EU watch this video in its entirety:    
  13. 69

      hehe xd
  14. ban every idiot amirite or wat