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  1. Look what I grew

    Holy imagshack. Also what's your farming lvl?
  2. Every Time The Forums Go Offline

    i cried. never forqet
  3. waddap from tha taj

    If you need any advice - hit me up in PM or anything. Have been to India multiple times, but looks like you know what you're doing fam. Please do share more pictures brother.
  4. waddap from tha taj

    India in general is pretty filthy. Punjab is still better though. If you get the chance should check it out (north India). A bit better than the rest. Make sure you drink bottled water ect so you don't get food poisoning and take mosquito repellent. Also always prebook taxis when possible and don't go with taxis that solicit you. There are a lot of robbers. Don't take a lot of cash on you. Hope you have a wonderful trip. India can be beautiful.  
  5. Just dropping by

    Sup brahh. I don't think pure clans are a think tbh. I play occasionally on a zerk and rigour pure.
  6. Found 6-pack ryan in twitch chat lmao

    ur silvr
  7. New Zealand bodybag America for their cup

    I can beat you with a speedboat cya s0nnie
  8. Found 6-pack ryan in twitch chat lmao

    yes lmao
  9. read chat   also unrelated clip:   https://clips.twitch.tv/WanderingMoralChimpanzeeKeepo   ^ wtf
  10. Any old school MM still play?

    Add my accs brother long time no talk missed ya buddy. You should play 07rs and add me (my chats are always on) my two accs are: Temporal and Jatt    
  11. Which pure clan are u in?

    BRO. Do you still play RS? if so add my RSNs: "Jatt" and "Temporal"
  12. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    LoL is hardly a strategy game until you're challenger or playing scims. CS:GO is far more competitive with a greater skill curve than LoL will ever have. From what I've seen they took away from mechanically inclined players to be less impact on game to make it easier for the rest of players thats why Faker isn't as godly as he used to be. 
  13. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    Switch to CS:GO