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  1. Oldschool grind

    noooooo lil etho y u do this
  2. Rookskep Client

  3. Hello anybody home??

  4. where da OGs @???

    Nice bro! Glad you're doing well and tbh you looked fine even in that picture too! Everyone just memes when they see someone is insecure about something and they prey on that.   I'll be sure to readd you when i get membs again. f2p on my zerk, med and pure right now because I got a bit busy irl
  5. I miss u guys

    prove it
  6. Point # 5 is unacceptable for an ELITE Mayhem Maker
  7. Do you know d4rk, he's a legend

  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/OnerousUnsightlyRedpandaPrimeMe
  9. Furious is still level 114

    lmfao noob
  10. Hi

  11. Whats up people

          wtf are these fins saying
  12. Congrats Boys

    never forqet   this brotherhood runs deep 
  13. Whats up dude!! yeah man I've been lurking around every few years just to see if i could reach yankin but no luck haha .. but damn dude how long has it been since we played? HOLY SH*T! Hope your doing good my man

    1. Riggz


      yankin was around in the 2011 pvp worlds era.