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  1. So happy to hear that bro. Bless up my guy, so proud of you. Stay strong and know the fellas still love you. SRS
  2. It's 2019 pals, time to rewatch where da hood @

  3. Oldschool grind

    noooooo lil etho y u do this
  4. Rookskep Client

  5. Hello anybody home??

  6. where da OGs @???

    Nice bro! Glad you're doing well and tbh you looked fine even in that picture too! Everyone just memes when they see someone is insecure about something and they prey on that.   I'll be sure to readd you when i get membs again. f2p on my zerk, med and pure right now because I got a bit busy irl
  7. I miss u guys

    prove it
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/OnerousUnsightlyRedpandaPrimeMe
  9. Point # 5 is unacceptable for an ELITE Mayhem Maker
  10. Do you know d4rk, he's a legend

  11. Furious is still level 114

    lmfao noob
  12. Hi

  13. Whats up people

          wtf are these fins saying
  14. Congrats Boys

    never forqet   this brotherhood runs deep 
  15. Is MM Still a Thing?

    MM is eternal in your heart 
  16. Is MM Still a Thing?

    mm for life
  17. Somehow deleted him or something and he had me added still. 
  18. This is why I still play lmaooo

    Yooooo broo long time man. Hope you're doing well.   Still remember I high alched my red mask when I was in duel arena with you alching lmaooo
  19. Dear Parm

    i dont see spam i only see love
  20. Happy 420 V2

    happy 423
  21. This is why I still play lmaooo

    100% I remember you bro, hope you're doing well man
  22. Hi

    shut up ryan tell sam i said hi