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  1. Balon D'or Finalists

    How could anyone BUT Ronaldo win it? A goalkeeper just can't win unless he was on god mode and saved like 3 penalties in a CL or WC final. Being an attacking player is far, far harder than defending or goalkeeping. This is a fact. Ronaldo was the best PLAYER - he had to attack and defend.
  2. Uefa Club Competitions Draw

    Arsenal are smart. Come in second, get Monaco.
  3. Let's All Get Mad By Watching This Video.

    I'm skeptical. Look, I understand cat calling but a lot of that was not harassment. Following you for 5 minutes - definitely! - but not "hey have a good day". People say it's harassment because she was hot and that's the only reason they said anything, err... yes, so? Issue is, what if an attractive guy approached her normally and said "hey, how you doing? I thought you were cute and wanted to say hi"? Would she really be offended? Probably not. Most feminists will tell you that doesn't change anything, but I don't see how it's any different to "hey, have a good day". If one of those thug types approached her saying the same thing, she'd probably think it's harassment. That's how the world works.
  4. El Clasico

    Barcelona is dead.
  5. El Clasico

    Is this Suarez's first game back? Should be awesome. Real started season off very poorly but they're on a roll right now, winning every game 3-0+. Is Bale playing?
  6. You just knew the "no" voters would come out of the wood works.
  7. Wasn't the only survey they did where it showed 51-49% for "yes" only 1,000 people? And then a couple days later it showed a bigger survey and they had 52-48% for "no"? Not heard of any more since though.
  8. Never going to happen. Also, if it did, Conservatives would win every single general election from now on.
  9. Philosoraptor Aka 'god

    Yes, probably. If God appeared then life has an intrinsic meaning and everything has changed. But that won't happen.
  10. Mate, she got beaten up years ago and stuck with him. It's not out of fear. Don't be silly! The fear thing works with poor women. She's rich as hell (probably). She could easily get a restraining order and run away or whatnot. It's not like he kept her captive for months/years after beating her up so she wouldn't escape. It's basically her not having foresight.
  11. No as in he beat her up before this (e.g. years ago) and they stayed together. I mean, come on, cheating on the dude at home... it's a risky game she's playing. She lost.
  12. It's f****d but... meh. He beat her up before but she stayed with him. What did she expect?
  13. Pranks Gone Wrong Lmao Well Deserved

    Yes. Yes it is. Because they get so many views randomly on forums and s**t like this, "yo check this fools out!". They WANT to get hit. That's the whole point. But whilst we laugh that an idiot "prankster" got punched, they're just laughing because that's the whole damn point. I hate this whole pranking "culture" we got going on atm.
  14. Suits Season 4

    Trailer makes it look like that but the trailers are always a lie. Always make it look really dramatic by saying "we're done" and then you watch the show and he'll say "if you don't tell him to leave, we're done". Bit annoyed by the route they've taken with all this. My prediction is that Louis taking the deal illegally with the whole tax thing will be caught and Mike will help Harvey sort it all out and frame Forstman instead so everyone wins and Forstman loses.
  15. The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

    Look around for the same video elsewhere. Actually looks good but anyone can make a 2 minute promo and make it look awesome. Unfortunately, 90% of the story will still be quite boring and do nothing, as is usually the case with TWD.