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  1. $157,485.71

    Guys, the MM legend Mr D4rk Elf just won the Sunday million for $157,485.71 So sick!
  2. Graphics

    edit: done now    
  3. Nostalgia

    Brad is an irl boss now, he pops up on my facebook looking slick, wearing suits driving fast cars etc. Snapping necks and cashing cheques.
  4. Nostalgia

    Add more, nothing after like 2007. Anything before hunter skill was out. Yankin Deez 3 yankin Deez Hattricks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVj5va_06Vk HA12D 1 HA12D 2 Ha12D 5 I Spiili I vs Cursed you D4rk vs Cursed You Phat set stake Iodio 1 Iodio 2 Iodio 3 Ha12d vs Uncut Angle Kuppeli Staking Vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpEv1L0eBeY (notice he 100% first hits everyone)
  5. Mask Hunt

    Staking with whip on controlled lol
  6. Mask Hunt

  7. Mask Hunt

    lol mod mat copied my idea hes doing same thing now http://www.twitch.tv/modmatk
  8. Mask Hunt

    Got my Special Guest rank guys :D Thanks
  9. F U Jad

    lol ouch
  10. Mask Hunt

    Yeah special guest me speshls!. I've been on mm since 2006/7 doing stuff like this lol. I once did a 50whip drop party in real 07 for MM, Loads of ppl in game think im part of mm aswell because its where i post all my stuff. Tons of members will vouch for me :D #specgod for MM special guest!!!
  11. Mask Hunt

    Haha thats fun, better than twitch giveaways and stuff. Hide and seek ftw. That siqo guy kept finding me tho and speshls killed me like 3 times lol
  12. Mask Hunt

    got my bronze spear -.-
  13. Mask Hunt

    trip 3 leggo
  14. Mask Hunt

    2nd trip legggggo