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  1. What Would You Do?

    give back wut u didnt risk duh
  2. 99 Range Irl Banned
  3. Nostalgic Pics

    miss the non green stack
  4. Lelele Streaming Stakes

    bump lele
  5. Lelele Streaming Stakes

    tryin again lol
  6. Lelele Streaming Stakes

    its chill hes cleaned me like 3 days in a row... yesterday for 80m ill be backk
  7. Lelele Streaming Stakes

    comon lets play kiddo
  8. Lelele Streaming Stakes

    streaming f2p playing/bongs/dabs/hoodratshit http://www.twitch.tv/ireturnlol
  9. My Good Staking Day

    my cash stays round 50m.. i never get completely cleaned. i go 1m-70m everyday.
  10. "and Now I Never Go Back To The Arena"

    lolol i just started to not care anymore. gz on win? your still a p***k and ill win it back. dont worry bout me.
  11. My Good Staking Day

    only down 40m ><
  12. My Good Staking Day

    max out cash stack. :king:
  13. Wuts That Vid

    srsly tho it was a sick vid
  14. Wuts That Vid

    whats the video where the guy is at mage bank with DH and kills like 3 people with no food. pleasee link me! EDIT:: nvm found it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNsZ0KvXNVk
  15. My Good Staking Day

    still got it.. hasnt been whole day yet tho.