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  1. we love u etcho

    1. Jamez


      ily Ross

  2. U alive Etcho?

    I'm fine but busy in hospital wife escaped the attack by a couple minutes timing 
  3. paris shootings and b***s wtf

    AP reports 100 death in the theatre alone. 

    recovering passwords and email validation should work now.   Note that a small delay is possible since it's sending a ton of backlog emails right now. 
  5. 1-50 Construction Guide

    Because some a******n tagged this with miley cyrus we get about 5 Million hits per day on this page,   congratz idiot
  6. New Forum Skin

    Blue colour is such horse s**t, what is this FOE?
  7. New Forum Skin

    This tinyd**k banner burned a hole in my brain so i fixed it cocksuckers. 
  8. Fix my inbox please. Parm broke it.

  9. Is mm alive?

    "what happened"? Have you been comatose for the past 8 years? 
  10. Looks like this exploit only affects clients not the server itself. update your clients. I will update the server. I updated the server, please let me know if the TS3 server is still working, i'm at work and UDP traffic is not allowed so i can't check.  if you have problems like this contact me directly via: nick.hermans.be@gmail.com  response time is under 1 minute.
  11. It really isn't as easy as you portray it to be, we didn't "change the skin". we upgraded the software to run our forum. there is no free skin available that represents our skin. and changing the skin to match the skin of the previous forums is really hard work.
  12. for ppl who love kebab

    I don't think Turk kebab contains pork. 
  13. Calm down brothers. what skin you a******s want, the colours look pretty much the same as the previous forums.  you want it to be pick and s**t? Also the forums load very fast for me. are people having issues with speed on the forums? 
  14. Praise Etcho

    Already had 2 weddings, It's been enough for me to be honest. And you'd think that would be enough... but irony wants it that I have to get married for a third time in the embassy of Iran to fully comply with Iranian law (Islamic b******t law) so my wife doesn't get into s**t when we visit her home country. I also have to provide additional legal documents to grant my wife the right to divorce me without my consent because this is not permitted by law in Iran. I didn't expect a country to scale so high on the shitlord scale, but here we are.