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  1. *pixel Art* Guess Who's Back

    Hi Sybren, apologies for the late reply. I haven't done one in a while but still do graphic design so I could certainly make one. I will PM you with my personal email if you'd like to send me any information about what you had in mind :)
  2. Yo

    "is this star wars online" roflllllllll
  3. What Are Your Plans For Summer?

    Off to Maga init
  4. Uefa Champions League Draws

    Hala madrid cr7 #1 the most complete player ever 2014 I hope Bayern smash Man Utd to prove to them their whole squad is average at best.
  5. #nomakeupselfie

    mfw i sometimes wear makeup on nights out
  6. Biggest Investment Fail

    Are you just going to hang onto them?
  7. *pixel Art* Guess Who's Back

    Need money to pay for protein powder so I'm whoring myself out as apparently people still play this game. WIP of a clan banner which will be a tank/runepure clan. Any helpful comment will be appreciated with regards to how to make it better. Trying out black outlines which is something I've not done in years, so let's see how it turns out!
  8. Life After Scape

    Started lifting, journey of aesthetic self improvement (was gunna say self-improvement but realised im still lazy as f**k w/regards to career). But god damn life will never be as good as 2004 exploring the world of scape.
  9. My New Portfolio Presentation

    You have a cool name. Very well put together site. Consider a new more professional sounding email.
  10. Oil Pastel Portrait

    The colour palette on the top centre eye work really well. reminds me of this dude from deviantart called nailone.
  11. Well put 13th. I made a sig for this guy, he was always super nice and appreciative. Rest in peace, my friend.
  12. It's Official Uk Mates

    I live like an hour away. Will be sick m8888