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  1.  m4n in sk1rt

  2. Legacy Beta -12Th June

    so are most ppl that play this s**t like 30 yr old ppl or new 13 yr olds like we once were cus if its the former thts sad as f**k
  3. Apparently Morg Harder Than Ziggs

    u can spam the s**t out of ziggs q and e and clear waves morgs q is slow as s**t and you need to carefully engage no brainer on who is easier
  4. Ogn Lol Champs

    KR > CN > NA = EU = SEA sums up the regions
  5. Lmq Tc Ibuypower

    best team na but theyre gonna get rekt in worlds
  6. Pentakill - Lightbringer -

    yo this is lame as f**k i turned it off after 10 secs
  7. Thank You Based God

    its the same s**t
  8. Apparently Morg Harder Than Ziggs

    ziggs is f*****g easy what are u on about
  9. for people who suck at this game
  10. low elo is about not maknig mistakes more than making plays dont chase, dont f**k up and youll win because somebody on the other team will f**k up tbh just main talon if youre stuck in elo hell, dont think people down there know how to play vs him
  11. I Own

    what the f**k is this game 3.9k hp? are u a 99def pure?
  12. C9 > China > World

    g*****n na sucks
  13. Unban

    unban bowsox
  14. Where'd you go, Did you finally kill yourself? I'd normally applaud you for making the right choice under the circumstances of where you live but I do miss our back and forth bickering.