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  1. What's up

  2. Road To Maxed Pure

  3. DMM season

  4. Larsi's Road To 99 <><

    Grats man, let me know when the 99 party is.
  5. Mm Reopening? Unofficial p2p trip.

    Where was my invite
  6. We need a few mage tanks (srs) as well to catch tb's / freezes. No point really training atk/str imo since range gear is much easier to come by and better in multi.
  7. Road To Maxed Pure

  8. Road To Maxed Pure

    Update: God Cape Hftd 81 Range Complete set of god books
  9. Road To Maxed Pure

    Yeah I'm not a fan of really high combat pking so that's why I thought 75 attack and 15 prayer and not aiming for 99 hp. How come you're 18 prayer? Bearmask? Yeah I can afford an ags. Edit: Also tempted to get 45 prayer and 60 attack/88str. Really not a fan of gmaul pking. Would also max like twice as fast.
  10. Road To Maxed Pure

    Goals: 99 str 99 range 99 mage Zammy Book God Cape Crystal Bow Imbued rings (Zerk, Arch, Seers) 55 Slayer Tell me if I'm missing anything, already have mith gloves and a few other quests done. Opinions on final prayer & attack levels? I'm leaning towards 15/75 right now
  11. B00Sli Returns

  12. Ross

    Dennis Bergkamp is indeed king
  13. Tiny Main

    94 mage banked -> bought a few 100k mind runes
  14. 99

    gratz hunnie
  15. Road To Rekting Kids

    I have a main but walking to nmz is effort