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  1. r

  2. 1 Pray Master Race

    Still working :X
  3. Progress On My F2P Pure :^)

    whats your cb? and 1 pray, or 31 are a lot better for f2p.
  4. F2P Aka Not Really

    wish they were able to realize that making F2P would over time let new people start the game and upgrade from there. who the fk is gonna pay 7$ a month on something they've never played before
  5. Caught Gf Cheating

    l0l exactly. situation happened with me last week that a kid's girlfriend f*cked me two nights in a row on spring break, then showed up at my house, and didn't do shi*. might wanna just leave your girlfriend you ******* idiot
  6. F2P God

    yet....still no f2p, k0
  7. Went Right In For The Clean

    i know exactly how you feel. i lost 80M cash and a ranger set. granted it only took me 4 days to get, it only took me less than an hour to lose.. lol. luckily i had around 2M in items in my bank to sell so i can start the rebuild. goodluck on yours :)
  8. Duo 99's

    oh my
  9. I Have A Dream

    wakka has a lot. main doesn't.
  10. all you fgts need to stfu, this man is the only one that provides entertainment to this section of the forums.
  11. Gf Benz

    the great benz gets banned and isn't even on his computer when he's banned. ban evading at its finest.