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  1. We also used to n***d barrage foe after our trip ended cos it was darn right funny and obviously for the lulz
  2. Any of you lads still around and play ?

  3. Congrats Boys

    seeing that had more of an effect than it should've. Sad face
  4. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    Keepin the dream alive
  5. Is anyone alive on here

    1. Piers


      no lol

    2. Guy


      helo pal! hope ya been well, there's a few of us who pk on lvl 60s in f2p who still rek the wildy, you should tag along

  6. Pure Progress #3

    High roller
  7. Yes Yes Yes

  8. Ffs 8 Defence Again!

  9. Xx M0Cr0 Xx - Oldschool Pk Video 1 - 50 Attack Ownage

    3 items, tabs and s**t music. Retire to joke town
  10. Getting Strong

    Not just yet
  11. Agreed, r****d status achieved