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  1. Is anyone alive on here

    1. Piers


      no lol

    2. Guy


      helo pal! hope ya been well, there's a few of us who pk on lvl 60s in f2p who still rek the wildy, you should tag along

  2. Pure Progress #3

    High roller
  3. Yes Yes Yes

  4. Ffs 8 Defence Again!

  5. Xx M0Cr0 Xx - Oldschool Pk Video 1 - 50 Attack Ownage

    3 items, tabs and s**t music. Retire to joke town
  6. Getting Strong

    Not just yet
  7. Agreed, r****d status achieved
  8. Buying Dt Kit

    You're unless and currently have 0 in stock
  9. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    Need a duo partner for ranked on Euw. Currently stuck in bronze. Pm on Irc or reply via forums if you're in the same boat
  10. Buying Dt Kit

    Title says it all. Reply with your price
  11. Itz Figments First Pk Vid D:

    wannabe p**s off Edit : watched 1 min of the vid, horrible and 3 min pk vid? seriously? LOL
  12. R.i.p Everyone

    who cares